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Slipstream was founded in 2013 by proven technology entrepreneur Paul Short and co-founder Victor Hargrove after working with customers in the oil and gas industry to minimize the impacts of produced water and fracturing (frac) fluid flowback.  It was while speaking to customers in oil and gas and other industrial spaces that the need for a cost-effective and simple zero liquid discharge solution was realized.  

Zero Liquid Discharge, or eliminating wastewater discharge altogether, is available from large companies such as GE, Veolia, and others. If a customer has 500,000 Gallons per Day (GPD) or more, these companies will design and build a high-quality, cost-effective plant that will take wastewater and reduce it to solids. Customers with 100,000 GPD had no choice but to have water hauled offsite at costs of up to $3.95 per U.S. gallon.

It was with these underserved customers in mind that Slipstream developed the X-Stream ZX-Series Wastewater Crystallizer and Wastewater Evaporator line. We help industrial wastewater producers overcome the increasingly demanding regulations associated with their processes and wastewater production.  In so doing, we have developed a revolutionary technology that combines thermal evaporation with state of the art energy reuse methods to deliver an extremely cost effective solution with no atmospheric emission and zero liquid discharge.

With this equipment, customers can use fresh water more efficiently, as only a small make up source.  This is because 95% of their clean water is continually reused in their process.  The pure, distilled-quality water produced by our line of wastewater evaporators and crystallizers has be proven in laboratory tests time and again to be free of impurities.

Slipstream eliminates wastewater from the customer’s equation; we make it simple and economical for it to just go away.

Form our facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we manufacture products that economically reduce an industrial customer’s water use, allow more recycling, and reduce or eliminate wastewater discharge.

We believe that wastewater treatment equipment should add value, be easy and intuitive to use, work well and consistently, look great and stand out in any facility.

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