Stand Alone Crystallizer

CCX crystallization chamber

effortless elimination of challenged wastewater

Specifications for Typical CCx Crystallization Chamber: 

​¨ fully crystallize up to 300 gallons per day

¨ no upper limits for tss or tds

¨ built-in solids management with simple discharge

¨ Fully automated control system available

¨ simple operation and cONTINUOUS SELF CLEANING 


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Simple Wastewater Elimination

Our CCX Crystallization Chamber is a stand-alone, small-volume wastewater crystallizer with many advantages over similar equipment on the market today.


Simply pump or transfer the fluid to be crystallized into the CCX and turn it on. Steam is supplied to the vessel's jacket which provides the energy to evaporate the fluid within.  Fluid levels are continuously monitored by weight to indicate to the operator when all of the fluid has been evaporated.  Within the vessel, solids are continuously raked from the interior surfaces to prevent fouling and to maintain manageability.   Once an acceptable dryness level for the solids has been achieved, the solids are discharged into a roll-off or similar container to easy disposal.  All of this can be done in an automated manner, so little operator intervention is necessary. 


There are single-stage evaporator and crystallizers on the market but nothing as simple or as elegant as the CCX.  Typical evaporators can reduce wastewater volumes but must be monitored to ensure the fluid does not become too saturated or concentrated.  Most evaporators begin to foul and become less efficient or experience drops in evaporation rates when this happens.  They also have no way of controlling or managing solids either in the incoming fluid or generated as a result of driving the concentration too high.  Drum evaporators were introduced as a solution to these problems and have been commercially available for years.  Unfortunately drum evaporators are clunky and, unless you're in the mood to scrape the drum out, the drum itself becomes residual (or even hazardous) waste that must also be disposed of.  This is not environmentally sound or cost-effective. Our CCX manages solids from within through an automated raking of it's wetted surfaces.  It also automatically discharges the solids into the container of your choosing, which can be outfitted with a disposable liner for easy, continuous use.  If liners are not used, the only waste to be disposed of is the contaminates within the wastewater or fluid.  This is especially helpful in the metals industry where valuable metals can be recovered for beneficial reuse or sale to a smelter.

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