Wastewater to Distilled Water
Slipstream Ecotech Evaporator Technologies


An elegant and simple to install, fully automated and ULTRA-efficient Wastewater Evaporator and Crystallizer ZLD SYSTEM that takes your untreated wastewater and seamlessly provides pure, distilled water to reuse in your process.  

Typical industrial wastewater streams are reduced by up to 99% of their original volume, meaning that for every 1000 gallons of wastewater, you get back 990 gallons of distilled water and 10 or fewer gallons of solid, CRYSTALLIZED SALT SUITABLE FOR LANDFILL DISPOSAL OR SALE TO A SMELTER FOR METAL RECYCLING .

The best part is - there is no atmospheric emission, and energy is reused up to 10 times - making it up to 10 times more efficient than other COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE WASTEWATER evaporators AND CRYSTALLIZERS.  ZLD IS FINALLY AFFORDABLE


The world's water is under stress, which creates a burgeoning need for innovative solutions. Due to increasing regulation, lack of infrastructure investment and increased volumes, wastewater treatment costs are rising dramatically. The demand for Zero Liquid Discharge, or ZLD – where all wastewater is completely eliminated – continues to increase at an annual rate of around 25% - a staggering figure.  

Unfortunately, for most small-scale industrial wastewater producers, this demand has not been met with a viable and cost-effective TREATMENT SOLUTION...until now!


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