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Slipstream understands the constraints businesses both large and small face when making capital equipment purchases.  For this reason, we’ve launched our Technology Evaluation and Pilot (TEP) Program.  This simple program allows business owners and operators the opportunity to review and test our equipment in their facility for 30 days or more before committing to purchase.  

Please fill out the application HERE.  Openings are extremely limited and subject to equipment availability.  


There are many other value-added benefits to owning one of Slipstream's Wastewater Evaporators or Crystallizers. 


Slipstream can design and build custom wastewater evaporator systems, solids removal systems, zero liquid discharge crystallizers, and other wastewater treatment systems and equipment.  We also offer a wide range of engineering solutions to meet the most demanding of industrial applications.  


We offer a range of different options for servicing our wastewater treatment equipment.  From annual maintenance contracts to full monitoring and servicing, you can be sure that our hands-on technicians have the expertise and experience to help maintain your process and reach your goals in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.  Contact us today to inquire or to receive a quote for a complete solutions package.


Slipstream, LLC warrants that all Wastewater Treatment and Solids-handling equipment manufactured by Slipstream shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for a minimum of 12 months with many longer warranty periods, extended warranties and corrosion resistance guarantees available depending on the application.

Slipstream Leachate Whitepaper

Put our resources to work

Piloting, engineering and more


Is your company a high-volume producer of wastewater?  Our highly skilled engineers and wastewater experts will work with you to resolve your wastewater or regulatory-related issues.  From high-volume crystallization equipment to ground-up treatment plant design, engineering and mechanical fit-out, we have the required experience to make your project a success.

CONTACT US today to discuss how Slipstream can help your facility to realize your ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) or Wastewater Recycling goals.

Download our brochure...  

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We can treat it all...  

When you think of the worst case wastewater scenario, what comes to mind?  High metals content electroplating baths and rinses or heavy oil and gas produced brine water?  Well for us, it was raw landfill Leachate.  Wastewater with very high total suspended solids, BOD and it's fair share of salts - not to mention E Coli and Coliform bacteria.

Click the PDF link below to download our Leachate Whitepaper and see how the Slipstream architecture can be put to work against any wastewater stream - even Leachate.

​Leachate Whitepaper.pdf

Leachate Treatment