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With our vast experience in wastewater treatment, reduction and crystallization as well as solids handling, we are positioned to offer a wide spectrum of services including consulting, specialized equipment specification and/or manufacturing, technical support and on-site services.

Wastewater treatment services

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Wastewater evaporator and crystallizer ZLD Systems


Process engineering is a critical component in any wastewater treatment or management scenario. Put Slipstream’s experience and network to work for you.  Our relationship with proven wastewater systems integration companies will prove invaluable when specifying and purchasing key components such as air handling systems; fluid conveyance and pumping;  aeration, clarification, and coagulation equipment; filtration; separation and sedimentation; biological treatment systems; desalination; thermal evaporation and crystallization; and solids handling and drying.

Our engineers can help to maximize plant efficiency through the reduction or elimination of your wastewater and regulatory burdens.  Our engineers and technicians can specify and install the process equipment necessary to reduce your usage and thereby reduce your waste production.  

Our expertise in plant automation and communication can prove invaluable when specifying components such as instrumentation, sensors and analyzers;  control relays and PLCs; and remote monitoring and data acquisition tools.


Our experienced engineers and technicians can assist with equipment commissioning, troubleshooting; project execution; scheduling; process flow management and staff training.  We specialize in onsite process flow analyzing and monitoring, waste reduction,  fresh water usage reduction and discharge limiting methodologies that can have a dramatically positive impact to your facility's bottom line.


In addition to our line of Evaporators, Crystallizers, Heat exchangers and Self-cleaning Filters, Slipstream offers specialized Equipment Manufacturing services including design engineering, fabrication, supply, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of machines designed to fit your specific needs.

With over a decade of custom engineering and fabrication experience, we can design and build thermal evaporative systems, solids removal systems, crystallizers, and other wastewater treatment systems and equipment.


Slipstream Ecotech, Inc. warrants that all wastewater and solids-handling equipment manufactured by Slipstream shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for a minimum of 24 months with many longer warranty periods available depending on the application.

All motors, starters, drives, valves, actuators and other control components are specified during the order placement process based on your requirements.  Slipstream guarantees the quality of all integrated components and honors manufacturer’s warranties. 

Contact Slipstream for a full warranty statement or to ask about our extended warranties, corrosion resistance guarantees and service plans.

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