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Wastewater evaporator and crystallizer ZLD Systems

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x-series wastewater recycling system

ultra-efficient wastewater recovery

for beneficial reuse

MVR Evaporator Crystallizer Line Card


  • Pure, distilled water is returned back to the customer at approximately the evaporation rate for beneficial reuse

  • Reuse of process water eases the burden on local utilities and lowers billing for water usage

  • Nothing is discharged to the atmosphere, meaning air quality regulations are dramatically reduced or eliminated

  • Natural gas and/or electric operating expenses are drastically reduced due to extremely low energy consumption  

  • ​Ultra-efficient-  the X-Series reuses energy up to 8 times, making it 8 times more cost-effective than conventional evaporators and crystallizers

  • Reduced regulatory requirements – because the X-Series is completely closed-loop, meaning no atmospheric emission or liquid discharge, air quality and sewer discharge permits are not required


  • Fully automated, meaning minimal intervention and lower OpEx

  • ​Capable of accepting a wide range of wastewater chemistry, which lowers or eliminates pretreatment costs

  • Designed with easy maintainability in mind.  All wetted areas are accessible for cleaning or repair and are replaceable

  • Highly reliable with up-time or availability of 95% or better

  • Convenient, skid mounted frame with integrated forklift pockets for maximum mobility and ease of transportation

  • Extremely corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel wetted areas; with titanium and other alloys available upon request

  • Rapid installation due to quick and simple inlet and outlet connections

  • Small Footprint

  • ​Zero Liquid Discharge – Takes wastewater and completely eliminates the liquid. Creates a dry solid that can be disposed of in a landfill or recycled 

Our X-Series Wastewater Recycling System is a state-or-the-art wastewater evaporator and Crystallizer zld system utilizing multiple-effect technology. This means they are capable of reusing the initial energy input up to 8 times, essentially running up to 8 times more efficiently than most commercially available evaporators. 

Slipstream Wastewater Evaporator
Slipstream Wastewater Evaporator