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x-series wastewater CRYSTALLIZATION  system

ultra-efficient wastewater recovery 


  • The X-Series architecture is modeled on two well-understood principles - Falling Film Evaporation (FFE) and Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR). 
  • The system consists of two integrated stages that work seamlessly together. 
    • The first stage consists of a Reactor that incorporates Evaporation and Condensation Chambers with an MVR Compressor. 
    • The second stage utilizes our elevated Crystallization Chamber to completely solidify and manage the waste.  


  1. The Stage 1 Reactor takes wastewater as a continuous feed via an integrated flooded-suction pump. 
  2. This wastewater is then continuously circulated through the Evaporation Chamber.
  3. Evaporation is driven via low pressure steam at, or below, 15 psig.
  4. The control system utilizes proportional control to maintain optimum operating levels throughout the evaporation process. 
  5. As the wastewater is vaporized and is stripped away as clean water vapor, this vapor is collected and compressed to a slightly higher temperature and pressure for continuous energy reuse. 
  6. This collection and reuse of the vapor eliminates atmospheric discharge and forces the vapor to condense into clean, distilled water. 
  7. The distilled water is transferred to the customer’s preferred location via an integrated Distillate Management System. 
  8. As this process takes place, the wastewater volume within the Stage 1 Reactor becomes more and more concentrated until the max concentration is reached, as programmed into the control system. 
  9. This concentrate is then automatically transferred to the Stage 2 Crystallization Chamber and the Stage 1 Reactor automatically refills and begins concentrating again. 
  10.  The concentrate that was transferred to the Stage 2 Crystallization Chamber is dewatered to the desired dryness, which is adjustable via the HMI terminal.
  11. The solids are then expelled into a roll-off, drum or conveyor and are ready for disposal or resale.
MVR Evaporator Crystallizer Line Card

Click to download the X-Series Process Flow Diagram (PFD)

X-Series PFD.pdf


Zero Liquid Discharge Process Flow Diagram

Typical 3-6 gallon per minute system


  • Pure, distilled water is returned back to the customer at approximately the evaporation rate for beneficial reuse

  • Recycling this process water eases the burden on local utilities and lowers billing for water usage

  • Ultra-efficient-  the X-Series reuses energy up to 8 times, making it 8 times more cost-effective than conventional evaporators and crystallizers

  • Natural gas, propane and/or electric operating expenses are drastically reduced due to extremely low energy consumption typically - $0.01 to  $0.02

  • Overall OpEx including consumables, labor, utility and maintenance is typically $0.03 to $0.06 per gallon- depending on the application

  • Nothing is discharged to the atmosphere, meaning air quality regulations are dramatically reduced or eliminated

  • Reduced regulatory requirements – because the X-Series is completely closed-loop, meaning no atmospheric emission or liquid discharge, air quality and sewer discharge permits are not required


  • Fully automated, meaning minimal intervention and lower OpEx

  • ​Capable of accepting a wide range of wastewater chemistry, which lowers or eliminates pretreatment costs

  • Designed with easy maintainability in mind.  All wetted areas are accessible for cleaning or repair and are replaceable

  • Highly reliable with up-time or availability of 95% or better

  • Convenient, skid mounted frame with integrated forklift pockets for maximum mobility and ease of transportation

  • Extremely corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel wetted areas; with titanium and other alloys available upon request

  • Rapid installation due to quick and simple inlet and outlet connections

  • Small Footprint

  • ​Zero Liquid Discharge – Takes wastewater and completely eliminates the liquid. Creates a dry solid that can be disposed of in a landfill or recycled 

Our X-Series Wastewater CRYSTALLIZERS aRE state-or-the-art wastewater evaporatION and CrystallizATION zld systemS. utilizing multiple-effect, Multi-stage, MECHANICAL VAPOR RECOMPRESSION (mvr) technology, THE x-sERIES rEUSES the initial energy input up to 8 times OR MORE.  THIS REDUCES OPERATING EXPENSES DRAMATICALLY, WHICH IMPROVES YOUR BOTTOM LINE. 

Slipstream Wastewater Evaporator
Slipstream Wastewater Evaporator